Heading for 80 degrees

Wednesday has been a week since leaving the marina in Maryland.  It was really cold there but we had the van to drive around, the Captain’s Lounge (our little heated living room), and electricity to plug our heaters into.  But we can’t head south out of the great white north if we don’t leave.  Friday we stopped here in North Carolina to wait out cold North Winds, followed by South Winds and rain, which eventually returned to cold North Winds.  All this wind and cold has kept us inside Makai all week.  It’s a good thing we like our boat because we’ve all survived the week.


Without shore power, it’s really hard to manage the cold.  The mid 60s are comfortable with warm clothes, mid 50s are too cold to warm fingers, noses and toes, and 40s just puts me in bed with layers of blankets. Between the moist air and the condensation our walls and ceilings are dripping. Beds and cushions are wet and we just need some heat to dry everything up. With the wind generator keeping our batteries charged, there isn’t much reason to run the generator, but when we do we can make water, heat water, and run the heaters.  Unfortunately, when the heater is off the heat disappears within minutes.

When the wind picks up the shrimp boats come to anchor.

This guy was really impressive in the mist surrounded by pelicans.  The birds just swarmed around, on and over it. I sure wish we had been able to go ashore, it looks nice in the right conditions.


One day Topaz jumped in after the birds but we quickly dragged her out of the 46 degree water. On one nice morning Eric and I did a little work on the main sail cover and reefing lines.  On the way here our reefing line chafed through and broke twice in one day.  That line is going to be essential when we head south since the wind speeds are going to be 15 – 20 knots and we will prefer at least one reef in the main.

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking this week. Last night I made from scratch cinnamon rolls. Today dinner was fried breaded chicken strips and Stove Top Stuffing, most of our fresh veggies are gone.  We had braided sweet bread for desert. That’s when the kids asked about Thanksgiving.  They quickly answered their own question about what we’ll be having for dinner. Since we’ll be under way, dinner will be Dramamine, cheese and crackers, PBJ sandwiches, and top ramen. If things are going well, I’ll whip up bean soup and popcorn.

So we’ll leave in the morning.  Have fun watching the Macy’s Parade and football games, we have a 330 mile passage ahead of us and will probably arrive late Saturday.  BUT…. when we get there it’s party time.  After searching for a dock a friend offered us space on his dock and my mom is staying in New Smyrna Beach so we get to hang around with Nannie and JJ (her Duck Tolling Retriever) for a few weeks.  I’m looking forward to baking Christmas Cookies, making a list of Christmas events, there are a few places in Florida we want to take Eric, a few more projects to finish up, and best of all Nannie will take us to DOG BEACH.  Do you hear Topaz cheering in the background?

Everyone have a great weekend.


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One Response to Heading for 80 degrees

  1. LoriNRuss says:

    So glad to see you finally got underway again! Hope your long venture out goes well and you get to have that bean soup. Bet you are so ready for warmth again and to see mom. Looks like we have a window to cross sun/mon.