Cabin Cleanup

One of the delays on these blog posts is because I’ve not been satisfied with the photos of our projects.  We’re all dirty and busy and don’t have a chance to get a picture that tells the whole story.  The cabin cleanup started with protecting the wood on the new patio’s floor.  When we bought the cabin 20 years ago this porch had a roof, a warped plywood floor, shaky stairs and banisters.  One year we stapled screens up to keep the bugs out, but the dust and pollen would coat anything out there and it wasn’t worth it to spend the weekend cleaning up.  Just before we left on our boating adventure we had our friend Jack rebuild and enclose the space.  At the time all funds were being directed to the trip so we never finished off the interior.

The floor was labor intensive but the cost of the project was that of two cans of floor Varathane.

The girls and I went to the cabin on Friday morning and emptied the furniture off the porch.  Then I cleaned up the belt sander and got to work.

Marie said I spent 5 or 6 hours out there sanding off the green construction lines.  Oh, it was horrible.  By the end of the day my brain was rattled and despite the mask and goggles sanding dust was everywhere on me.

The girls occupied themselves by dressing poor little Topaz up in hats from my grandmother’s bureau.

The dust covered the walls and ceiling as well as the cob webs.

At the end of the day I was ready for a treat so we went down the hill to Red Robin.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a giant, gooey, drippy cheeseburger.  It sure hit the spot.  Crazy Marie had Mac and Cheese, that’s all she every eats.

The next morning I cleaned up the dust and applied the Varathane with a mop like applicator.  Four coats gave the floor the feel of a solid sheet of plastic. The next week Roy and Genny went out to help a neighbor with yard work and Marie helped me put all the furniture back on the porch.  Marie did a great job helping to reassemble the bunk beds from her room in Cypress out there.

The next thing to remove is our old piano.  Roy and I removed all the pieces we could unscrew and then tried to pull it away from the wall to disassemble from the back.  It was so heavy we could barely move it a few inches.

When there were no pieces left to remove and it was still to heavy to move we called in Eric for a consultation. In the end we cut all the strings to access the iron frame inside.  Eric and I carted it out behind the wood pile with the help of a skateboard. The rest of the cabinet was equally heavy.  Just about when we got it wedged in the kitchen door way, Mike and Jason showed up and were drafted to help get the job finished.

Next I had my eye on this fiberglass picnic table that has been on our patio since before we bought the cabin.  I have repainted it several times, but this time Genny was paint shopping with me and she selected blue.

My poor Jeep has been a work horse all summer.  After sitting up in the mountains all those months we were gone, it had several mechanical failures.  Luckily Eric the master mechanic and Jeep lover has been able to keep us on the road. So far my Jeep has gotten new tires, air conditioner servicing, rear hatch support struts, a hard to reach sensor, and today the Jeep is requesting a new radiator.  Roy, Tyler and I spent the day shopping for Roy’s back packing equipment and the Jeep couldn’t handle the heat and climb back up the mountain. We overheated just before the hairpin turn at Forest Falls, AAA towed me the rest of the way and Eric came back a few days later with a new radiator to get us back on the road.

We love guests and our pal Brian came to visit just in time for adventures to the dump.  We had some trash to get rid of including the old couches from our living room.  I covered these old couches twenty years ago to cover up the stuffing that was popping out.  Now the covers are thread bare and just needed to be retired.  So we piled everything in the trailer and headed out to the land fill.

Roy noticed other couches, an exercise trampoline and a cake in a box.  Luckily we had a “no shopping” rule here and nothing came home with us. I was surprised to see wild burros on the road.  They are beautiful little animals.

Now its time to relax and think about what the next project will be.  I have an idea for daybeds to replace the couches.  So far all I have is the mattresses, but I’m confident one day I’ll toddle off to Home Depot and come back with a load of wood to rout and sand to make custom couches with the twin mattresses.

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